COMPLEAT by Nestle vs Bright Beginnings™ Soy Pediatric Drink

Mason is trying out a new formula. He started it on Sunday. It is called COMPLEAT®, by Nestlé Health Science, and is full of vitamins and nutrients that his other formula did not have. It has puréed chicken, mangos and peas in it and it can be administered through his g-tube. Prior to this he was only able to have Bright Beginnings™ Soy Pediatric Drink and water because there were no other options. He is allergic to diary and peanuts so we have to be very careful of what we give him and only liquids can go through his g-tube. This formula new formula can not only go through his g-tube and is real good, but it’s approved by insurance as well! We are hoping it works out to provide him with more nutrients, while also keeping his bowels regular.

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