Midazolum and Seizure Activity

Midazolum and Seizure Activity

Mason had an 8 minute seizure today. He receives a medication called Midazolum to help stop the seizures when he is in them. He has been taking this medication for years and was previously on Diastat. Both Midazolum and Diastat are used to stop seizures once someone is already in a seizure. Unfortunately we stopped using Diastat because it made him extremely sleepy and he would sleep the whole day after receiving it. Now I’m suspecting that Midazolum is not working because of the length of time of his seizures. They have been ranging 8-10minutes over the last several months and that is with administering Midazolum immediately. So, he sees the neurologist in June and I will be discussing this along with other things. We may have to switch back to Diastat if this continues. This journey of constant medical changes and challenges is not easy but thankfully we have a great team of doctors and nurses and a great family support system to help us along the way.

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