Tonic Clonic Seizure

On May 5th, Mason had a tonic clonic seizure that lasted 8 minutes. We like to record video of him during seizures for a number of reasons if you are wondering. One reason is for his Neurologist to see, first hand, what his seizures look like to see if they can learn anything from it. Another reason is for educational purposes. We hope that capturing the footage can help others in determining what type of seizure that they may be dealing with. Lastly, we do it for overall Polymicrogyria awareness.

When Mason has a seizure, we administer Midazolam. Midazolam is used for pre op patients, but is also used for seizures.

Tonic Clonic Seizure

tonic clonic seizures (previously called grand mal)

These are the seizures most people think of as epilepsy.

At the start of the seizure:

  • the person becomes unconscious
  • their body goes stiff and if they are standing up they usually fall backwards
  • they may cry out
  • they may bite their tongue or cheek.

During the seizure:

  • they jerk and shake (convulse) as their muscles relax and tighten rhythmically
  • their breathing might be affected and become difficult or sound noisy
  • their skin may change colour and become very pale or bluish
  • they may wet themselves.

After the seizure (once the jerking stops):

  • their breathing and colour return to normal
  • they may feel tired, confused, have a headache or want to sleep.


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